Chin-gu (friends)


This is a booklet created for the project - Mark for Life

If i were to get a tattoo, I would tell my close friends.

I illustrated them one by one, without looking at the paper. Then, I added a few lines to describe each of them. 

This group of target audience are in their early 20s. Most of them are faced with confusion figuring out who they are and what their dreams are. They attend to universities and at the same time discovering themselves. Exploring new interests and potentials that they can offer to the world in the future. 

I would like to introduce my mark for life to a circle of good friends. These people are significant to me because they have greatly impacted the person that I am today. They were all born and raised in Hong Kong and around the same age as me - 21 and 22. I have known most of them back in elementary school. We attended a formal girls catholic school for 11 years together.